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Sense Safari

Join Outside In Theatre for a Sense Safari!
Take part in your own Sense Safari at home, at school, or outdoors.  This fun activity invites us to explore the world around us through our senses.
Find out about Outside In Theatre’s secret for getting ready for a Sense Safari, then follow Hazel as she explores what she can notice at the park.
Download the Sense Safari activity sheet and see what things you can notice.

Year Group:

Early Years and Families


Explore the outdoors with Hazel from Outside In, using your senses to find out about the world around you.


Video- 7 Minutes

Activity- Approx. 30 mins

Join Hazel from Outside In in this video as she shows us her own Sense Safari in the park. What can you notice?

Download pdf worksheet here

Download the worksheet seen in the video to use for your very own Sense Safari in any outdoor setting.

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