An image from the Deep Sea Seekers production showing the three actors


Seekers, we need you! Join Alph, Betty and Gammo on their adventures through space, time and beyond in this playful, interactive podcast for ages 3-8. A podcast brought to you by The Wardrobe Ensemble and The Wardrobe Theatre.

A brand new series of The Seekers Podcast is here. From the makers of  The Star Seekers, The Time Seekers  and The Deep Sea Seekers, each episode follows the team on an adventure across the universe, through the past and future and to the bottom of the ocean. Where will they end up next? Grab your headphones and get ready for an audio adventure like no other.

Year Group:

Ages 3-8


An interactive adventure podcast.


approx, 20 minutes

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If you know any children aged 3-8 who might want to feature on a new episode, get in touch with Jesse at

“Appeals to a child’s wide-eyed wonder and hunger for exploration… It’s silly, sparkling stuff.”

★★★★ The Stage on The Star Seekers

“Places the children at the very heart of this brilliantly involving show.”

★★★★ Time Out on The Star Seekers

Listen to the whole series here

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