Quest Story Challenge 

QUEST STORY CHALLENGEis a writing project aimed at KS2& KS3school aged children that highlights the hero inside everyone. Through a series of quests, young people decide on their own imaginative solutions to challenges that their character faces in a fantasy adventure that mirrors the bravery and confidence needed to face situations such as Covid-19.

The young people completetheir final story and QuestSheets and earn their Certificate of Heroism. If work is shared with Northants CEP then their name will also be added to theHero List that will form part of a future display of the work created by young people across the county.

We are now recruiting brave adventurers to go on their very own Quest.  Join in now to find out where your adventure will take you!

Year Group:

Can be adapted to suit all primary learners


Creative writing


The project can be delivered to suit any time scale.

Recommended 5 X 90 minute sessions

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