Songwriting for Beginners

In February 2020, Northants CEP ran a Songwriting for Beginners course over Zoom for 40 participants aged 7-12. On this page, you can have a go at some of the exercises from the course and find out how you can take part in Songwriting for Beginners yourself.

Vocal Warmups with Sophie Garner

Northants based singer, songwriter and vocal coach Sophie Garner takes you through some of the exercises used on the course to help get your voice warmed up and ready to sing.

The Creative Songwriting Journal

The Songwriting For Beginners course takes you through The Creative Songwriting Journal by Sophie Garner. Each participant has access to their own copy of the journal which guides them through the process of writing down their thoughts, feelings and emotions to use as a starting point to create a song.

Here you can access three pages from the journal to have a go at the activities yourself!

Download the pdf. pages

You can find out more about the Songwriting For Beginners Course and the Creative Songwriting Journal here.

If you are interested in running Songwriting For Beginners with young people in your setting, please email for more information

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