Making the case for Cultural Learning

As advocates for creative learning and cultural opportunities for all young people, we understand just how crucial the Arts are in schools and education settings. Here we have complied a few sources from other organisations to help you become and arts advocate.

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Key Research Findings: the case for Cultural Learning

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ImagineNation: the value of Cultural Learning

Cultural Learning Alliance

The Cultural Learning Alliance champions a right to arts and culture for every child. 


  • ADVOCATE for equality of access to arts and culture for every child
  • DEMONSTRATE why cultural learning is so important
  • UNITE the education, youth and cultural sectors delivering arts and cultural learning

We do this through:

  • Policy analysis and evidence gathering
  • Dissemination of advocacy materials, including briefing papers, evidence and statistics
  • Lobbying and advocacy
  • Building strategic relationships across arts, culture, education and policy, and supporting our members

We act as a backbone organisation for the arts and cultural education sector, and provide the analysis, evidence, and arguments that Alliance members and their wider sectors can use.

Click the images to access the CLA’s latest evidence publications, or visit their full website here.


What is SHAPE?

Social Sciences, Humanities & the Arts for People & the Economy.

SHAPE is a new collective name for those subjects that help us understand ourselves, others and the human world around us. They provide us with the methods and forms of expression we need to build better, deeper, more colourful and more valuable lives for all. SHAPE subjects teach us to understand more profoundly the world around us and the people in it, through observation, analysis, translation and interpretation.

Click the image to read a series of articles collected in support of SHAPE, or visit their website here.

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Arts In Schools advocacy toolkit

Arts In Schools advocacy toolkit

Bacc for the Future, Cultural Learning Alliance and What Next? have put together an advocacy toolkit to tackle the declining uptake of arts subjects in schools.

“We want to reverse the downward trend of the arts in schools and encourage schools to invest in arts, culture and creativity.”

The toolkit will take you through a step by step guide to help you write a letter to a local MP or Councillor expressing your support for arts in schools. You can download the toolkit by clicking the image.

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